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What was the industrial revolution about 250 years ago is now the digital revolution. But how digital are we really, or can we afford not to be digital at all?

If you as a company want to be perceived as progressive and modern in national and international competition, the answer is actually obvious.

Live streaming is the ideal medium for maintaining communication and opening up new markets as well as consolidating existing ones. Classical events with many visitors require lengthy preparations and cost a lot of money. If you suddenly have more visitors, you either have to move to a larger location or turn away guests.

Provided you have the right partner, you can scale almost unlimitedly with a live stream and offer your visitors an additional option. This is not only valuable in times of crisis.

Of course, you can also reach audiences that could not attend due to scheduling or other reasons. So that the whole thing doesn’t become a boring frontal lecture, there is even the possibility to communicate interactively with your audience and directly address open topics.

You do not know how many viewers will visit your live stream? This is not a real obstacle. With today’s technology, there are no limits. We can protect your live stream with a password or offer community features like chat or Q&A’s.

As an agency and film production company, we can also offer you various services for any kind of event. When it comes to film and live, we are your one-stop store. Our catalog ranges from inputs and cameras that we switch live with a trained eye, as well as, green screen environments which we implement live. The possibilities are limitless. We would be happy to advise you without obligation which scenario suits you best.

If you want to present your company with a live stream, it is important that it is modern and professional. After all, it is part of your image and you certainly want to emphasize that you can communicate new topics quickly and in a targeted manner. We can film your event with 1-12 cameras, between which a digital operator can then switch back and forth live. Just as you are used to from live television broadcasts.
But also the insertion of graphics or animations is no problem live on site. For pure studio productions or native environments, we can offer you new backgrounds or entire studios with a green screen. You tell us what you want – we will realize it for you!

In order for a livestream not to look like a vacation video shot with a cell phone camera, but to meet the professional demands of your customers and partners, professional technology and many years of experience are essential.
For this we rely on equipment that delivers redundantly even in difficult situations. Since a smooth flow of the live stream has a top priority for us, we can offer you LTE backup connections on request. Thus your live stream will continue to run even if the Internet line of the venue breaks down. Of course, this also works on almost all outdoor locations in the country.

Before After

For production reasons, it is sometimes useful to work with virtual backgrounds. Therefore we can exchange all kinds of backgrounds live or in post-production with a green screen.

Originally developed by Hollywood, green screen technology has become an integral part of today’s world of film and live productions. Since we offer you all services that are currently technically feasible, you also have the possibility to exchange backgrounds by means of color-based separation.

Frequently used in news broadcasts, green screen technology saves immense costs for building studio sets.
With our own in-house 3D team we can create any kind of background you need.

Live Productions

At live events, of course, there must be no technical breakdown, as this always automatically affects the reputation of the organizer. Therefore you should only entrust your live event to professional service providers.

A nice example of how to combine virtual and real content is the Grand Prix 2020 Bad Homburg. Due to Covid-19, the cycling race had to take place purely virtually this year.
With several live video clips and a perfect moderation by Robert Bengsch, known through Eurosport, we took the sterile character away. The presenter as well as some interview guests were with us in the studio. Further interview partners were added to the show from a distance via platforms like Zoom. For further information please click on the following button:

With us as your partner, you can have peace of mind. We take care of the film & streaming technology and ensure that everything runs smoothly. If it is an event with an audience, we are of course careful to ensure that our presence has as little impact on the event as possible.

Live Aerial Photography

To give your Livestream that certain something, we can also combine aerial shots with a drone seamlessly with the other cameras. We are also happy to take care of the legal aspects, such as an operator’s permit, etc..

Our Streaming Workflow


Due to our many years of experience in video productions and our own film and photo rental we can look at a large arsenal of different video cameras and lenses.


This is where all the strands come together. The task of a switcher is to switch back and forth between the different cameras. The art here is to consciously guide the viewer without him noticing.

Media Playback

If there are recordings that have been made in advance or trailers available, these can of course be incorporated into the live show. Graphic insertions are also seamlessly integrated. These can even be created live.


Even if an event is streamed live, this does not mean that you cannot use the resulting video material later. Often the use in the area of social media is a good idea.

Broadcasting /

We work with reliable technology partners. Thus we can provide a reliable Livestream for an unlimited number of visitors.

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